Tesla Withdraws From NTSB Fatal Model X Crash Investigation

Tesla Withdraws From NTSB Fatal Model X Crash Investigation

Tesla Withdraws From NTSB Fatal Model X Crash Investigation

The reason behind the NTSB's decision is that Tesla violated the agreement of the investigation by releasing information before it was confirmed and approved by the NTSB.

The NTSB has not yet replied to Tesla's accusations about the agency's motives.

Tesla in return blasted the NTSB, saying the company chose on Tuesday to withdraw from the agreement as a formal party before the agency revoked its status.

Bloomberg's source says the NTSB will issue a press release some time on Thursday addressing Tesla's departure.

The family of a driver killed last month in a Tesla vehicle crash has hired law firm Minami Tamaki LLP to explore legal options, the firm said on 11 April, adding the Autopilot feature was defective and probably caused his death.

Tesla said it will continue working with the NTSB despite this disagreement. Among other things, they repeatedly released partial bits of incomplete information to the media in violation of their own rules, at the same time that they were trying to prevent us from telling all the facts.

Tesla Inc. withdrew from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board's investigation of a fatal accident involving one of its vehicles, an unusual move that followed public statements by the company blaming the driver and breaching the agency's protocols.

Tesla's announcement late on Wednesday in California came after the company publicly blamed the driver for the crash and made statements about the incident that drew criticism from the NTSB.

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The NTSB said Thursday that it revoked Tesla's status as an official party to its investigation because the auto company prematurely released information related to the crash. When I visited Tesla's headquarters for a Model S test drive past year, the spokeswoman made a point of walking me through the various safety warnings a driver sees both before and during Autopilot use.

Sumwalt said while the NTSB understands the demand for information that parties face during an NTSB investigation, "uncoordinated releases of incomplete information do not further transportation safety or serve the public interest".

Tesla went on to say it is "extremely clear" that Autopilot requires a drivers' full attention at all times. That's compared to one fatality for every 86 million miles driven for all vehicles, Tesla said. Saying that the NTSB is "more concerned with press headlines than actually promoting safety", announcing that Tesla will be complaining to Congress, and maligning the NTSB as "not a regulatory body" but only an "advisory body" are all steps that seem created to discredit the NTSB's investigation and its findings. Perhaps there is a sound rationale for this, but we cannot imagine what that could possibly be.

Musk has previously griped about the NTSB's involvement, saying it's up to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), not the NTSB, to regulate the auto industry. The regulatory body for the automotive industry in the USA is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with whom we have a strong and positive relationship. Autopilot has improved substantially since then.

"We believe the sustainable production rate for the second quarter of 2018 is most likely below the 2,000 vehicle mark the company achieved in the final week of the [first] quarter", Goldman analyst David Tamberrino wrote Tuesday.

The NTSB has not disclosed any findings.

At issue is the NTSB's investigation into the fatal crash of a Tesla that was in Autopilot mode. The NTSB investigator in charge (IIC) must approve any public statements, however, with a focus on releasing safety-relevant information without additional context that is "prejudicial" to the ongoing investigation.

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