Hundreds of emergency jet engine inspections ordered world-wide

Hundreds of emergency jet engine inspections ordered world-wide

Hundreds of emergency jet engine inspections ordered world-wide

On Wednesday, the agency said that directive will be issued within two weeks.

The directives follow a service bulletin (SB) engine manufacturer CFM International also issued April 20, recommending that fleet operators perform ultrasonic fan-blade inspections "within the next 20 days" on high-time CFM56-7B turbofans.

The Boeing 737 used on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 had a fault in one of its CFM56-7B engines.

On Tuesday, Southwest Airlines flight 1380 from New York City to Dallas was flying at an altitude of over 31,000 feet with 144 passengers and five crew on board when a fan blade in the Boeing 737-700's left engine separated from the engine hub just 20 minutes after takeoff. The containment ring had likewise failed to protect the plane from shrapnel caused by the explosion.

Texas rancher Tim McGinty, of Hillsboro, said Tuesday that he and Needum struggled to pull 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan back into the plane.

Delta, with 370 of the same engines on its fleet of 737s, says it completed inspections of the engines previous year, and is now ahead of FAA directives on the ultrasonic testing.

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U.S. national security researchers have explained the naked eye can not detect the fractures and indicators of metal fatigue which doomed the engine on Southwest Flight 1380. The plane, flying from NY, landed safely in Philadelphia. The aircraft uses the same engine as Arik Air and Air Peace, two of Nigeria's leading airlines.

When the engine exploded a fan blade broke loose and broke a window on the plane. They've also recovered the airplane's cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder, and are still tracking down debris from the engine.

He was one of the passengers who said they received the letter. The metal fatigue would not have been observable by looking at the engine from the outside, Sumwalt said.

Riordan was a Wells Fargo banking executive and well-known community volunteer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, the company said. The passengers and the public were quick to call Tammie Jo Shults, one of the USA navy's first female fighter pilots, a hero.

Southwest's existing engine maintenance programme "meets or exceeds" all requirements in the new directive, the airline said on Friday.

Southwest says it hopes to have all its high-tech inspections done within 30 days.

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