Miami Cinco de Mayo Survival Guide

Miami Cinco de Mayo Survival Guide

Miami Cinco de Mayo Survival Guide

California Highway Patrol officers will be doing their normal patrols this weekend, as Cinco de Mayo is not covered under the CHP's maximum enforcement patrols, according to Officer Siara Lund of the CHP's media relations office. It's a holiday that often celebrates Mexican culture and food. The event organizers say today is a celebration for Mexico, but also a way to bring different communities together. The victory, though small in the grander scheme of the war, became a symbol of resistance for Mexicans.

It was also a landmark date for the rest of the Americas as no other country in the continent has been invaded by any other European military force since the Battle of Puebla.

Author Neil Gaiman announces second season of American Gods via Twitter
The location is home not only to many unique collections but also serves as a backdrop to a pivotal moment in the series and book. It seems Season 2 will see Wednesday gather the Old Gods to discuss their plan to stop the New Gods .

Sanctions force Russian Federation to cut defense spending
It replaces Russian Federation , the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI ) said in a new report on Wednesday. The institute said Algeria remained Africa's largest spender, but its spending dropped in 2017 due to lower oil and gas prices.

USA stocks end mostly up as Boeing surges
According to Kensho, an analytics company, Caterpillar's stock has had a 0.81 correlation with the Dow over the last six months. On Wednesday Goodyear Tire & Rubber said higher raw materials costs and weaker demand hurt its business in the first quarter.

The analyst team at Cable did some research to see what each state was Googling the most on the holiday. Banks, workplaces and stores do not close in observance.

Cinco de Mayo has gained traction over the last few years, becoming one of the most popular foreign holidays in the US, although many do not know the history or meaning behind it. Cities and towns with large Mexican-American populations have held parades, put on shows with mariachi music and folk dances, and enjoyed traditional food including mole poblano since the 1960s when Chicanos raised awareness around it. It is much more popular in the Unites States and has been celebrated by American citizens since the 1860s.

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