Bellew Takes Down Haye In Rematch

Bellew Takes Down Haye In Rematch

Bellew Takes Down Haye In Rematch

Many doubted he could pull off another victory, having beaten Haye in the pair's last encounter when the London-born fight had a damaged his Achilles. Haye outjabbed Bellew in the first two rounds but Bellew remained calm through the first few minutes of the fight. He again beat the count, but the bout was stopped soon after by referee Howard Foster.

David Haye, right, takes a jab from Wladimir Klitschko during their heavyweight fight in Hamburg, Germany, in July 2011. I know I can do it.

Tony Bellew boxed brilliantly again but I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see him walk away now. But now, after an even better performance and even bigger buzz from the way he did the job, I can understand what David Coldwell is talking about when he said he would be happy to see him retire on the back of this win. "I need a megastar".

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The 37-year-old went on to congratulate Tony Bellew for being the better man on the night and showed his appreciation for what he has been able to do.

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He said: "I just want to say I lost my brother-in-law in August and I swear to God he was watching me and he was there with me tonight for every punch, Ashley that was for you".

It was a second damaging defeat to Bellew in the space of 14 months. It came in the first round but fizzled out by the third. Haye got back up and tried to throw wild punches at Bellew which left him wide open for another knockdown as time expired in the third round, giving Haye a second knockdown. Well-placed one-twos from Haye forced Bellew into the ropes toward the end of the round and Haye capitalized the period with an overhand right that hit his man square.

Haye was clearly hurt, and Bellew followed up with another sledgehammer of a right, this time to the top of the head.

The fourth round went well for Bellew, landing the right hand to hurt Haye a number of times in the round and nearly knocked him down again. The bell saved Haye from further punishment that round and he tried to regroup in the fourth.

Bellew knocked down Haye three times when the referee brought a stop to the fight, repeating the same result in March 2017.

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