Microsoft announces Project Kinect for Azure, the Speech Devices SDK, and more

Microsoft announces Project Kinect for Azure, the Speech Devices SDK, and more

Microsoft announces Project Kinect for Azure, the Speech Devices SDK, and more

To put that in perspective, Microsoft stated today that they've reached the 700 million level for Windows 10 active devices, which is below their original targets, but still a huge number, but it's dwarfed by what's coming with IoT.

Facebook had its F8 developers' gathering last week.

Judging by the product announcements at the Build 2018 developers conference, it's clear that Microsoft wants to bring artificial intelligence to software development in a much bigger way. All stuffed in a smaller packaging that the AI developers can play with and add it to their projects. The new deal will come to developers later this year with a new developer agreement. The updated Microsoft Teams APIs in the Microsoft Graph will allow developers to create organization-specific app in Teams, and these apps could be published to the Teams app store. Now every organization can make lovely solutions that empower their customers to do more. "Many of these applications can get written in Windows as the control plane for the autonomous drone".

Core 3.0, which allows developers to use the latest version of.NET and have their application run in a stand-alone.NET environment so they can build awesome app experiences that don't impact their broader organizational infrastructure. This will enable devices such as drones and industrial equipment to take critical action quickly without requiring cloud connectivity.

Windows 10 is also getting an official name for the new tabbed applications we've seen in the Windows Insider Program.

Major League Baseball players pay tribute to Albert Pujols after his 3000th hit
The players who are closest to reaching the 3,000 mark are Miguel Cabrera (2,666), Robinson Cano (2,409), and Jose Reyes (2,100). Ichiro Suzuki earned his 3,000th major league hit on August 7, 2016, with a triple when he was playing for the Miami Marlins.

Zuckerberg kicks off Facebook conference, offers no apology
The potential matches will be recommended based on dating preferences, things in common and mutual friends, the company said . This new feature will allow the users of the social networking website to clear their cookies and history.

The Iran-Israel Shadow War
Tehran has denied ever seeking nuclear weapons and accuses its arch-foe Israel of stirring up world suspicions against it. Trump says Iran's behavior is "just not an acceptable situation".

As part of its cross-platform strategy, Microsoft announced support for Timeline in the Microsoft Launcher. Microsoft also announced a partnership with GitHub which integrates Visual Studio App Center on the platform. This feature will allow Windows 10 to compete against Apple's MacOS Handoff, which offers a seamless experiencewhen transitioning between Safari on MacOS to iOS, or vice-versa.

Brainwave is now in preview on Azure and Microsoft also promises to bring support for it to Azure Stack and the Azure Data Box appliance. With Sets, what belongs together stays together, making it easier and faster to create and be productive.

Azure Bot Service uses the Microsoft Bot Framework, which reported more than 130,000 users one year ago. As a result, people can approve expense reports or comment on an issue in GitHub directly within a Teams chat, or even pay bills directly in email.

Microsoft's AI and machine learning technologies including speech recognition are already used by major brands like McDonald's and it recently announced that its chatbot, Xiaoice in China, has learned how to interact like a natural speaker instead of a voice-assisted computer.

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