He's About to Be the Oldest Elected Leader in the World

He's About to Be the Oldest Elected Leader in the World

He's About to Be the Oldest Elected Leader in the World

The Mahathir-led opposition coalition Harapan Rakya secured 122 deputies in the 222-seat parliament, which is enough to form the government. Barisan Nasional, the former ruling party that ran the country for the past six-decades won only 79 seats.

Toh Gian Ming, a 53-year-old businessmen, said he hoped the corruption that plagued public life under Najib would end with a change in government.

A statement released by the royal palace ahead of the ceremony said the king Sultan Muhammad V invited Mahathir to form the next federal government.

In Malaysia, the prime minister who has administrative powers is appointed by the King who holds largely a ceremonial role.

The royal palace also refuted allegations that the king delayed the appointment of Mahathir as the new prime minister, saying that he strongly supports and respects the democratic process. Some reports accuse Najib of attempting to swing the election in his favor by buying up candidates in the state of Sabah.

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There was a sense of catharsis after the opposition alliance, boosted by the presence of political titan Mahathir, finally ousted a coalition that has for years been accused of massive corruption, fanning racial tensions in the multi-ethnic country and economic mismanagement. Last month, Mahathir has lashed out at Najib after missing paperwork resulted in temporary dissolution of his Bersatu Party.

He said people's livelihoods had been affected under Najib's rule due to the rising cost of living, a major issue in the election campaign.

Mahathir has said he would clear the way for criminal prosecution of Najib.

"Malaysia's decision is a clear rejection of autocratic rule".

"Any delay will mean we have no government, and when you say you have no government, you have no law, you have no constitution, Mahathir said".

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