In France, the Islamists attacked passersby with a knife

In France, the Islamists attacked passersby with a knife

In France, the Islamists attacked passersby with a knife

USA analysis company Site Intelligence Group quoted Islamic State's semi-official Amaq Agency as saying that the attacker was "a soldier" of the organization.

Four people were wounded in the attack.

French authorities are opening up a terror investigation into the incident.

Witnesses told prosecutors that the man was shouting Allahu Akbar (God is great) as he went on a rampage.

"I was working in the restaurant and suddenly I heard a woman screaming. he came and attacked her", said Jonathan, a witness working nearby who wouldn't provide his last name.

Aggression at Paris " I espouse the chilly bloodstream along with responsiveness of those police forces who neutralized the assailant.

Since 2015, more than 200 people have been killed in France due to terror attacks.

Counterterrorism authorities took charge of the investigation, and President Emmanuel Macron vowed that France would not bow to extremists despite being the target of multiple deadly attacks in recent years.

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IS claimed that one of its "soldiers" carried out the attack, according to the SITE monitoring group. The man attacked five people with a knife, one of whom died, police said.

Four people were wounded during the knife attack in the touristy 2nd arrondissement, or district, of Paris.

The media wing of Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement published online.

A police source told AFP one officer tried to restrain the attacker with a taser but when that failed a colleague shot the man dead. A large area was cordoned-off where police, fire and rescue vehicles converged.

French newspaper Le Monde reported that the assailant's motive for the attack remains unknown.

"My first thoughts are for the victims in this odious attack", added Collomb, who made the comments via Twitter.

Police in Paris have killed a man after he stabbed others in the French capital.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo also offered her prayers and said she wanted the victims to know "all Parisians are by their side".

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