Facebook bug made millions of users' default settings public

Facebook bug made millions of users' default settings public

Facebook bug made millions of users' default settings public

"We'd like to apologise for this mistake", said Erin Egan, Facebook's head of privacy. The company said on Thursday the bug automatically suggested that users make new posts public, even if they had previously restricted to "friends only" or another private setting. Facebook is now notifying 14 million people around the world who were potentially impacted by the bug to review their status updates and lock them down tighter if need be.

Facebook said this affected users posting between May 18 and May 27 as it was implementing a new way to share some items such as photos.

One of Facebook's key privacy features is that it lets people decide an audience for their posts.

The flaw affected Facebook's system for 10 days in May, but Facebook says it still plans to notify users who were impacted.

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Posts are public by default for new accounts, but every Facebook user can limit who sees each post by using what the company calls an "audience selector". It will also show affected users a notification with an explanation and apology, and urge them to review any posts they made during the time period when the bug was active.

San Francisco: Facebook acknowledged Thursday a software glitch that changed the settings of some 14 million users, potentially making some posts public even if they were meant to be private. People could have changed the individual audience setting on posts, but would have had to notice the setting was different from what they'd chosen.

The bug caps off a string of recent controversies for Facebook, most notably the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which resulted in 87 million users' data being harvested without their knowledge and shared with the Trump-affiliated research firm. But Facebook accidentally set "public" as the default for posts, too. He apologized for Facebook's handling of the issue and promised that the company would be more transparent and "do better" when it comes to protecting user data and security. However, it appears that the company didn't change the settings back to what the users had set until May 27.

It's the latest in a series of revelations about Facebook's privacy lapses.

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