Trump Administration Will Not Meet Deadline for Reuniting Young Children

Trump Administration Will Not Meet Deadline for Reuniting Young Children

Trump Administration Will Not Meet Deadline for Reuniting Young Children

Justice Department lawyers said in a court hearing Friday that of the 101 children under the age of five, 83 children have been linked to 86 parents, and 16 children remained unmatched, NBC News reported.

A federal judge gave the government until Tuesday to reunite children younger than 5 years old with their parents; older minors must be reconnected with their families by July 26.

The clock is ticking on a court-ordered Tuesday deadline for the federal government to reunite migrant parents with kids under 5 who were taken from them at the border.

"It's extremely disappointing that the Trump administration looks like it will fail to reunite even half the children under 5 with their parents", Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project, said in a statement sent to Newsweek. "At the same time, however, the government has a strong interest in ensuring that any release of a child from government custody occurs in a manner that ensures the safety of a child".

Under the approach, parents and other caregivers apprehended after crossing the border were arrested and jailed, and the government placed their children with HHS.

It's been more than a week since they released a tally of how many kids from separated families remain in government custody.

The government's lawyer said that reunification was happening more rapidly when parents were still in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement rather than after they were released. Pacific Time on Tuesday to hear the Trump administration's final list of "groups of parents that will fall into category where it is impossible to reunite by tomorrow".

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The filing contained a description of steps undertaken by Health and Human Services to comply with the court order including deploying 115 additional personnel to the field, and contracting with 100 reunification managers who are deploying Friday and Saturday.

The motion also asks for clarification on the class of unauthorized immigrants that the order applies to, including whether it includes parents who have already been deported. According to HHS, it's because the number of immigrant children in the agency's care is always in flux - and because they are working with other agencies to cross-check the numbers they have.

Trump reversed course on June 20 amid an worldwide outcry from opponents who said families should remain together. Children five and older must be reunited within 30 days.

The deadline for the list is on Saturday and US officials are expected to reunite the first round of migrant children by July 10th.

On June 20, the Department of Health and Human Services said there were 2,053 children from separated families in its care.

The government also does not know exactly how many children ages 5 to 18 have been separated from their families, a process officials called "ongoing", according to the court documents. Many children were sent to facilities thousands of miles away from their parents, and some are too young or scared to provide accurate information about their parents or their journey.

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