Remarks by President Donald Tusk on EU-NATO cooperation

Remarks by President Donald Tusk on EU-NATO cooperation

Remarks by President Donald Tusk on EU-NATO cooperation

Responding to criticism from Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, who complained that Trump is "criticizing Europe nearly daily", Trump says the United States is "being taken advantage of" by the European Union.

Member countries are anxious that Trump will spurn them and threaten to unravel the organization, their fears stemming from the G7 meeting last month. At a subsequent rally in Montana last week, the president declared, "Our allies in many cases were worse than our enemies".

Trump's repeated tongue lashings of NATO allies and his friendly overtures to Russian President Vladimir Putin are stirring questions at home and overseas about his commitment to an Atlantic alliance that has been a pillar of United States security policy for more than half a century.

He questions whether Trump fully understands the global significance of the US military presence in Germany, including its hosting of the headquarters of US Africa Command, which leads US counterterrorism efforts in North Africa. He has pulled the US out of the Paris climate agreement as well as the Iran nuclear deal, slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and threatened additional tariffs on products like automobiles.

The NATO summit is likely to be dominated by Trump's insistence that member nations step up and pay more for their joint defence.

The EU Council leader said pointedly that when Mr Trump did meet Mr Putin on 16 July "it is always worth knowing who is your strategic friend and who is your strategic problem".

"The only reason I wouldn't go to some parts of NY is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump". "A competitor", the president said.

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"We're being taken advantage of by the European Union".

Jans said it is vital to discuss not just how much countries are spending but if they are doing so in a way that makes them able to work together. "But I strongly believe that NATO can continue to be the cornerstone of trans-Atlantic security despite those disagreements".

During his first meeting at the group's headquarters in Brussels previous year, Trump suggested that members who haven't been paying their fair share should be required to pay back dues.

Trump loathes Germany's trade imbalance with the United States and feels the country is free-riding off the USA security umbrella.

He will then head to Helsinki for talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and some experts have expressed fears the pair will agree the USA should station fewer troops in Europe. In 2017, the estimated to have spent more than 68% of the cumulative total. We're being taken advantage of by the European Union.

A country's defense contribution shouldn't be measured only as a percentage of GDP, but also in terms of troops and hardware, she said in an interview with Bloomberg Television in Berlin. Other NATO members are already pushing back, arguing that their commitment to defense is rising and they back United States priorities in other important ways.

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