Harley Davidson Announces Huge Plans for India; 250-500 CC Bikes Arriving

Harley Davidson Announces Huge Plans for India; 250-500 CC Bikes Arriving

Harley Davidson Announces Huge Plans for India; 250-500 CC Bikes Arriving

We already knew Harley-Davidson was planning to sell an electric motorcycle, presumably some iteration of the Livewire design, by 2020.

Iconic American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson unveiled on Monday a global growth plan to revamp its US business with new products and cost-cutting measures, while also expanding internationally.

There's also the LiveWire, the first in a new line of electric Harley-Davidson models, set to launch in August 2019.

The company further said it will drive to extend its leadership in heavyweight motorcycles by continuing to develop improved, more technologically-advanced Touring and Cruiser motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson also plans to open up to 125 new, smaller storefronts in urban locations by 2022 to increase sales of apparel and other products.

Developing a more accessible, small-displacement (250cc to 500cc) motorcycle for Asia emerging markets through a planned strategic alliance with a manufacturer in Asia. The American motorcycle manufacturer shared details of its growth plan leading to the year 2022, and highlighted several new products in the pipeline that'll surely have fans of the brand excited for what's to come.

"If nothing else, Harley-Davidson is acknowledging the ongoing shift in global consumer tastes and sluggish US participation rates, and is willing to make course corrections - and investments - to pursue areas of growth", Raymond James analyst Joseph Altobello said. Not so today, as Harley-Davidson announced a new plan for growth from now through 2020, including some significant, bold changes that many customers have always been asking for.

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Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich said little when pressed about President Donald Trump's recent attacks on his company.

Samantha Kay, a Milwaukee resident who recently learned to ride motorcycles, said she doesn't picture electric motorcycles when she thinks of Harley-Davidson, but she welcomed news of the LiveWire.

The announcement by Harley comes after three consecutive years of declining sales in India.

The company says that its new models are a survival strategy.

At the same time, riders are getting older.

Levatich said Harley-Davidson is an apolitical business. There will always be riders who want those bikes, but they're likely to be a dwindling cadre in the US.

What do you think of the Harley Davidson Pan America? The company expects the 250-500cc motorcycle segment in India to grow at more than 25% annually through 2021, the daily added.

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