Iran's Rouhani shuns Trump call for talks on eve of sanctions

Iran's Rouhani shuns Trump call for talks on eve of sanctions

Iran's Rouhani shuns Trump call for talks on eve of sanctions

"He warned that those who do not wind down economic ties to Iran 'risk severe consequences".

The United States is due to impose new sanctions against Iran on Tuesday meant to cripple its economy, implementing President Donald Trump's decision to break with European allies and exit the 2015 agreement.

"The JCPOA, a terrible, one-sided deal, failed to achieve the fundamental objective of blocking all paths to an Iranian nuclear bomb, and it threw a lifeline of cash to a murderous dictatorship that has continued to spread bloodshed, violence, and chaos", Trump said.

"Preserving the nuclear deal with Iran is a matter of respecting worldwide agreements and a matter of global security", they add. Trump violated the terms of the agreement by reimposing sanctions today, 90 days after he announced the USA would withdraw from it.

Critics also warn that this kind of pressure from the US could empower hardliners, especially as they try to blame the economic turmoil on a foreign power, as opposed to the government's own mismanagement.

The European Union on Monday said that new measures are ready to take effect to protect European businesses from the impact of USA sanctions on Iran.

"The Americans thought that they can add to our social and economic problems through increasing pressure", he said.

But "all of this unhappiness, all of the economic difficulties related to the devaluation, has taken place before the sanctions had been reimposed", said Ross.

That will set up a showdown with the USA, with one official warning the USA will make sure the pressure is air-tight: "Make no mistake about it, we are very intent on using these authorities". "Perhaps that will be the path the Iranians choose to go down", he said. He said the Trump administration is open to looking beyond sanctions but that would "require enormous change" from Tehran.

"This will have exponential effect on Iran's already fragile economy".

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The United States has also been pushing its allies to halt their import of Iranian oil ahead of the November deadline.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said renewed USA sanctions on Iran will be rigorously enforced and remain in place until the Iranian government radically changes course.

In July, Brian Hook, the US State Department's director of policy planning, said that Washington's goal is to "increase pressure on the Iranian regime by reducing to zero its revenue from crude oil sales".

He said the U.S. has proven to be an unreliable negotiating partner when it made a decision to withdraw from a multinational nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions against it. But French oil group Total and carmaker PSA have already indicated they are likely to pull out of Iran.

President Hassan Rouhani on Monday said Iran could hold talks with the United States only if Washington proved its trustworthiness.

The Trump administration argues that the curbs did not go far enough and it wants to force Iran back to the negotiating table.

Sky News US correspondent Hannah Thomas-Peter said: "The withdrawal from the Iran deal and subsequent reinstatement of sanctions was a very popular Trump campaign pledge".

USA sanctions had been eased by the Obama administration under the terms of the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

"Last night's European Union joint statement spoke of ministers" "deep regret" about Mr Trumps's withdrawal.

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