Trump Fires Back at Former Staffer Omarosa Manigault

The panel on "The Five" reacted to former White House aide and reality star Omarosa Manigault-Newman audiotaping private conversations with Chief of Staff John Kelly and President Donald Trump. Apparently, the incident only brought the Trump's administration's Office of Public Liaison under further scrutiny. She left her job in the White House last December.

Manigault Newman is married to Jacksonville Pastor John Newman.

In a Sunday NBC interview, Manigault Newman said that other former staffers are being similarly "bought off" through these agreements, she said.

Trump had "always been kind to me, as I said repeatedly in dozens and dozens of interviews", she continued. The book called, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House", will be released Tuesday.

Ms. Manigault Newman - who first gained fame as a contestant on Trump's reality show "The Apprentice", and then secured a $180,000-a-year staff job at the White House - released a recording of a private conversation she had with the president after she was sacked. "This is somebody I've known since 2003", Manigault Newman said. Manigault Newman, he noted, has a new book going on sale.

McEntee declined to comment, but sources familiar with his role say he was working on voter engagement, surrogate messaging and campaign event planning but recently told campaign officials he intends to leave his job at the end of this month.

'The only reason we offered her a new one at all is that we included the Pence family in there for the first time, ' the official explained, referring to a copy the Post published Friday.

America First PAC, the political action committee backing Trump, and the RNC have paid Parscale, the former head of the 2016 campaign's digital media outreach effort, who is now the campaign manager for Trump's nascent reelection bid, in 15 separate payments of $15,000 from March 2017 to June 2018.

"Savannah, slow down. I'm gonna answer your question". "You're the "You're fired" guy, and you're too scared to tell Omarosa she's fired?"

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But critics condemned Manigault Newman for secretly recording in the White House's Situation Room.

That crisis showed the need for a fast and secure communications center to handle large amounts of national security information coming in from many places to the president.

"None of us have been able to identify that it would be illegal if unclassified", said Mark Zaid, a Washington attorney, who has focused on national security law.

The Situation Room is used by the president and his advisers to manage the nation's most important and secret foreign policy decisions and military actions. He is the husband of Trump's counselor, Kellyanne Conway.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was quick to criticize her actions.

Spicer called her claims "completely fictional", telling ABC News that he did not sign a non-disclosure agreement and called her assertion that he was paid hush money "false".

Ned Price served as a spokesman for the National Security Council in the Obama administration.

Bryan Lynn wrote this story for VOA Learning English, based on reports from the Associated Press, Reuters and other sources.

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