NYU Offering Free Tuition to Medical School Students

NYU Offering Free Tuition to Medical School Students

NYU Offering Free Tuition to Medical School Students

It's possible that other top medical schools will follow suit in order to remain competitive; for now, this will be the only top-ranked medical school that will do so. As of the 2017-2018 school year, its students earn at least $60,000 per year for each year of medical school in return to committing to seven years of active duty in the armed forces after graduation.

Grossman said he hopes the shift will make NYU's medical school more inclusive for dedicated students unsure about medical school because of its cost.

The crushing weight of debt that medical education places on students-debt that averaged some $191,000 across all schools and more than $206,000 for private schools in 2017, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)-has consequences for prospective students and the future contours of USA medicine alike. Langone Health, told The New York Times.

The unexpected decision-announced during the annual "White Coat Ceremony" on Thursday-will mean free tuition for all students, regardless of merit or financial need.

Graduates move towards higher-paying areas of medicine over paediatrics, primary care or gynaecology due to their "staggering student loans".

Addressing the affordability issue could help alleviate physician shortages, said Rafael Rivera, associate dean for admissions and financial aid.

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Tuition for NYU School of Medicine in the coming year, which is now covered under the scholarships, is $55,018. Additionally, the median cost of medical education (tuition and fees) for private medical school is $59,605 and the median current debt of a graduating student is $202,000.

"A population as diverse as ours is best served by doctors from all walks of life, we believe", Grossman said, "and aspiring physicians and surgeons should not be prevented from pursuing a career in medicine because of the prospect of overwhelming financial debt".

The result is a shortage of the general care practitioners who are most needed, especially in rural parts of the country and in the so-called Rust Belt across the Midwest, according to several studies.

"I'm so happy NYU school of medicine if giving full scholarships to upcoming and current students!" UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine has a $100 million fund to pay for costs for a four-year medical education, including room and board, but is based on merit and only awarded to 20 percent of students.

"That's too late if we wish to expand the pipeline to bring forth the broadest, most-talented group of students", he said in a statement, "and to give them the financial freedom to choose medicine over other careers".

NYU is able to offer the generous package thanks to more than 2,500 supporters, including trustees and alumni.

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