Manafort juror on a potential pardon: 'It would be grave mistake'

Manafort juror on a potential pardon: 'It would be grave mistake'

Manafort juror on a potential pardon: 'It would be grave mistake'

Judge T.S. Ellis, who oversaw the three-week trial in a USA federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, declared a mistrial on those 10 counts.

Manafort was found guilty on five counts of tax fraud, one count of failing to file a financial document with the government, and two counts of bank fraud.

Trump has admiringly talked about how Manafort did not "flip" on him and was ebullient when Judge T.S. Ellis said that the prosecution only wanted to go after Manafort to get him.

USA Today will be providing a live stream in the player above of the Alexandria, Va. courthouse where the trial was taking place. They can decide that they want to have another trial on them, or they can decide that they want to drop the charges.

Attorneys for Manafort said they were "disappointed" and that he was "evaluating all of his options at this point".

The Manafort jury started deliberating on Thursday and Aaron Wolfson, a former prosecutor in NY, said it was not uncommon for juries to be out "five, six or seven days" in complicated cases. And they couldn't agree on two other charges of bank fraud on loans issued by The Federal Savings Bank, an institution headed by a Trump supporter who was seeking a job in the administration.

A spokesman for the special counsel's office and a spokesman for Manafort did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

The deliberations followed two weeks of evidence and testimony.

The transcripts reveal the reasons for a lengthy secret hearing held during the middle of Manafort's trial, which been sealed until after the conclusion of the longtime political consultant's trial this week.

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"I feel it would be grave mistake for President Trump to pardon Paul Manafort", she told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Friday night. But certainly, if the prosecutors had been unable to get a guilty verdict in this case, I think one could expect that the president would have seized on that.

When Ellis started inquiring with jurors about what was happening on August 10, one juror told him the other members of the jury had been making remarks about politics and the case, and how one juror commented that "the defense was weak".

On Monday morning, Trump tweeted that Mueller's investigators "are enjoying ruining people's lives and REFUSE to look at the real corruption on the Democrat side - the lies, the firings, the deleted Emails and soooo much more!".

"This verdict makes it absolutely clear that the Mueller probe is not a "witch hunt" - it is a serious investigation that is rooting out corruption and Russian influence on our political system at the highest levels".

The trial featured heated arguments at times - not between the government and defense lawyers, but between the judge and prosecutors.

Once the jury left the courtroom, Ellis asked Manafort to approach the lectern. The judge repeatedly chided Mueller's team in front of the jury, though at the end of the trial he urged the panel not to consider during its deliberations any opinions the judge may have expressed. And Manafort faces another trial related to his foreign lobbying work and alleged money laundering in Washington, D.C., next month.

Prosecutors say Manafort hid tens of millions of dollars in foreign income from Ukraine. His attorneys said he made the decision because he didn't believe the government had met its burden of proof.

The 16-day bank and tax fraud trial was colorful throughout, with details about ostrich-leather jackets, dramatic testimony from a former protégé turned state's evidence, and a judge unafraid to lob rhetorical bombshells at lawyers. Those witnesses said Manafort misled them about foreign bank accounts he controlled.

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