, Sanders-backed candidates to duel for Florida governor

, Sanders-backed candidates to duel for Florida governor

, Sanders-backed candidates to duel for Florida governor

Gillum, the liberal mayor of state capital Tallahasee, won a surprising victory in the Democratic primary for Florida governor, and has said he hopes to motivate younger progressives and minority voters who normally sit out non-presidential elections.

Andrew Gillum, who secured Florida's Democratic nomination in the governor's race Tuesday night, said if elected he would increase the corporate tax rate hike by over 40 percent its current value.

"It's disgusting that Ron DeSantis is launching his general election campaign with racist dog whistles", Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo said in a statement.

DeSantis spokesman Stephen Lawson said the candidate was referring to Gillum's political positions, not his race.

A rep for DeSantis denied that there was any racial connotation to the term "monkey this up".

Less than 12 hours after Andrew Gillum's primary win, Ron DeSantis referred to him as "articulate" and said Florida shouldn't "monkey up" the state.

The DeSantis campaign said it would be "absurd" to characterize his remarks as racist.

Trump quickly attacked Gillum Wednesday morning on Twitter, calling him "a failed Socialist mayor" and the "biggest dream" opponent for DeSantis.

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Rep. Ron DeSantis, the newly christened Republican gubernatorial candidate in Florida, said Wednesday that voters would "monkey this up" if they elect his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum, who would be the state's first African-American governor. "This is not what Florida wants or needs!"

Gillum is a gifted public speaker and did well in debates, often receiving the most applause, but the FBI is investigating Tallahassee city hall for corruption.

DeSantis came from behind with the help of Trump to beat Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who campaigned longer, raised more money and built the support of the party establishment.

The race was tight with Gillum earning only about27,000 more votes than Graham. Both candidates will try to lure Hispanic voters, though Republicans tend to court South Florida Cubans while Democrats typically reach out more to Central Florida Puerto Ricans. He easily won his primary, setting up a showdown with Democratic Sen. He proudly campaigned with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at his side.

It's possible based on those subpoenas that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is trying to make the case that Corey, who served briefly as Gillum's campaign treasurer during his 2014 mayoral run, engaged in a pay-for-play scheme with local officials in exchange for their vote to expand the CRA's jurisdiction. Gillum replied, "No, I'm a Democrat. Andrew Gillum has built an unprecedented movement for change in Florida and it's hard to imagine a candidate better equipped to defeat a Trump sycophant like Ron DeSantis this November".

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, upset victor of Florida's Democratic gubernatorial primary, says his Republican opponent Ron DeSantis is taking a page from President Trump's political playbook.

But the win also comes as the FBI is investigating corruption at city hall.

He won every county with a major city in Florida except for St. Petersburg inPinellas County, including huge margins in Jacksonville and victories in what were considered Levine's home base of Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

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