Trump says Sessions' safe in job at least until November

Trump says Sessions' safe in job at least until November

Trump says Sessions' safe in job at least until November

Asked in the Bloomberg News interview whether he would comply if Mr Mueller issued a subpoena for him to appear for questioning, Mr Trump said: "I'll see what happens".

Sessions infuriated Trump by recusing himself from the investigation into alleged Trump-Russia ties a year ago which prompted Robert Mueller's appointment as special counsel leading the inquiry.

DiGenova, on Sean Hannity's Fox News show, asserted the first thing Sessions should have done when he took office was to announce the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Obama Justice Department's and the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton classified-information case.

Moreover, Yoo said, Sessions "is carrying out the Trump agenda perhaps more forcefully than any other Cabinet member".

Now it's being reported that the president is personally lobbying GOP senators to flip on his attorney general.

Trump is also dismissive of Sessions' personality, temperament and diminutive stature.

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But Trump also believes Sessions - billed as an immigration hardliner - hasn't done enough to help the President execute on his hardline campaign promises.

We're not convinced. Given Trump's belief that Mueller's investigation is a "witch hunt", why should we expect him to choose a new attorney general (or acting attorney general) who would respect that investigation, or resist entreaties by the president to investigate alleged crimes by his political opponents? Trump has responded by insisting has the "absolute right" to fire Sessions if he pleases, those familiar with the conversations said. "It's about the investigation, and I think the Mueller investigation ought to go on unimpeded". Dickerson then asked if there is cause unrelated to the Mueller probe for firing Sessions.

McConnell was unequivocal in his weekly news conference when he said Sessions should stay in his role - and he had an audience of one, aides say: Trump.

Trump also continues to dance around the question of whether he will grant an interview to special counsel Robert Mueller. I'm not asking for him to be fired.

In recent months, Graham, who gave an emotional tribute to McCain on the Senate floor on Wednesday, sought to balance a friendship with the Republican senator from Arizona with his stated desire to work with Trump, a hard task given the friction between the men. The Attorney General is now expected to leave his post after the midterms. "And I think that sort of blindsided the president".

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