Why Can’t Brett Kavanaugh Answer This Senator's Question About The Mueller Probe?

Why Can’t Brett Kavanaugh Answer This Senator's Question About The Mueller Probe?

Why Can’t Brett Kavanaugh Answer This Senator's Question About The Mueller Probe?

Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, is appearing for questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., if he had ever "come across memos from internal files of any Democratic members given to you or provided to you in any way" to which Kavanaugh responded that he had not.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of IL asked Kavanaugh if he would seek a delay in his hearing so the paper trail could be vetted. He specifically mentioned a 1992 ruling in the case Planned Parenthood v. Casey reaffirming the Roe ruling.

Quarreling and confusion marked the start of the Senate's confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday, with Democrats trying to block the proceedings because of documents being withheld by the White House.

As protesters repeatedly interrupted the session, Republican Sen. He grilled Kavanaugh, an appellate court judge for 12 years, about abortion rights, gun control and the Affordable Care Act.

These claims of legal objectivity came as Democrats on the committee, whose railing against Kavanaugh's nomination reached a fever pitch on Tuesday, grilled him over his record and legal views. Dianne Feinstein, described the hearing's "very unique circumstances".

"I think all I can say, Senator, is that was my view in 1998", he told Coons.

"If that's a rule you'd use for [Justice Sonia] Sotomayor, why wouldn't you use that same rule for Kavanaugh", the chairman probed.

For a second day, the judge nominated by Trump insisted he fully embraced the importance of judicial independence. "There are factors you look at whenever you're considering any precedent".

The Republicans have a razor-thin majority in the Senate but are nevertheless expected to have the votes to confirm Kavanaugh before the midterm elections in November. "There is simply no reason they can't be made public, I hope they will be before this next round". Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) questioned Kavanaugh about a case related to abortion.

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Kavanaugh emphasized he would be an independent justice.

"She's in an immigration facility in the United States".

"If she had been an adult, she would have a right to obtain the abortion immediately".

The government wanted to instead transfer the girl to an immigration sponsor with whom she could consult about the decision, he recalled. Kamala Harris, who wanted to delay the hearing. Richard Blumenthal of CT, "selecting a justice on the Supreme Court who potentially will cast a decisive vote in his own case".

Other Democrats voiced criticism at the process so far, including Manchin, who lashed out at both parties for their handling of this Supreme Court fight and other recent battles.

He recently voiced disagreement with a court decision allowing a teenage unauthorised immigrant to get an abortion. He also objected that the "clock was ticking" before she would be locked out by the state's 20-week abortion ban. He argued that it would have taken time for her to speak with a potential sponsor. "I don't decide cases based on personal or policy preferences".

A resident of the wealthy Washington suburb of Chevy Chase, Mr Kavanaugh studied law at Yale.

"This is the first confirmation for a Supreme Court justice I've seen, basically, according to mob rule", Republican Senator John Cornyn said. They're concerned about a collection of other decisions in which Kavanaugh has struck down environmental protections and, in their view, applied an overly narrow view of agency authority. He also declined to give an opinion on the Republicans' action on the documents, responding, "It is not for me to say".

Asked about an email list Kozinski allegedly used to send offensive material, Kavanaugh said, "I don't remember anything like that". "I did my level best in an emergency posture, I had basically two days to do this case".

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