White House Edits Transcript to Reflect Trump's Insult to Reporter

White House Edits Transcript to Reflect Trump's Insult to Reporter

White House Edits Transcript to Reflect Trump's Insult to Reporter

During a Monday press conference, President Donald Trump called on ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega and said she seemed "shocked" that she was chosen.

Before Vega even got a chance to ask her question, the president said in a soft tone, seemingly to his staff behind him: "She's shocked that I picked her".

Vega responded, "I'm not thinking, thank you Mr. President". Shocked by the comment, Vega said, "I'm sorry?" while he dismissively told her to "Go ahead.".

What I can say is that this president and his team haven't earned the benefit of the doubt - because this wasn't the first instance of the Trump White House making convenient edits to official transcripts. He also engaged in a tense exchange with CNN's Kaitlan Collins, interrupting her question about Brett Kavanaugh by shaking his finger at her and saying "Don't do that!" before ultimately cutting her off: "You know what, you've really had enough. Hey".

U.S. President Donald Trump's treatment of reporters - especially female reporters - is still as problematic a blend of condescension and contempt as it was since his last lashing out, which was only four days ago. She describes herself on her Twitter profile as someone who is "covering that big house in Washington for ABC News".

Her followers defended her, likening Mr Trump to a "bully", saying it's another sign of his "disrespect" towards women, and reiterating her point that journalists should be allowed to ask whatever they want during a press conference.

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"No, go ahead", he said.

Since the beginning of 2017, the Trump administration has set an unprecedented record of treating journalism with blatant disregard and disdain. But Trump ignored her, telling one of his staffers to pass the microphone to another reporter. "You never do", the president muttered.

In the same press conference, he shut down another reporter for inquiring about the Kavanaugh probe.

"Don't do that", Trump interrupted Collins. Trump, hit back again-this time directly insulting her intelligence.

"Can you imagine if I had, what a mess I'd be?"

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