Right-wing congressman Bolsonaro wins first round of Brazil’s presidential race

Right-wing congressman Bolsonaro wins first round of Brazil’s presidential race

Right-wing congressman Bolsonaro wins first round of Brazil’s presidential race

If Mr. Bolsonaro gets more than 50% of the vote to lead the field of 13 candidates, he will win the presidency outright.

Precedent is not on his side, either.

According to the recent survey conducted by the Datafolha pollster, right-wing presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is expected to receive the majority of votes. This will take place on 28 October.

Many Brazilians, such as Ruth Pereira Santos, 65, fondly remember the years of rapid growth that Lula oversaw and benefited from his programs lifting millions out of poverty.

"I don't trust Haddad; I don't trust the Worker's Party anymore".

Other famous Brazilian footballers endorsed Bolsonaro, including Tottenham's Lucas Moura and former AC Milan defender Cafu. He has praised Brazil's military dictatorship, for example, which murdered hundreds of people.

While the practical effect of #EleNão was not almost as strong as expected, in the three weeks before the second-round vote, the Workers' Party campaign will approach defeated rivals in a bid to form a broad centrist alliance in "defense of democracy".

Twelve percent voted for Ciro Gomes, of the Democratic Labor Party, the oldest functioning bourgeois party in Brazil, which is the heir of the 1937-1945 corporatist politics of dictator Getúlio Vargas and is associated with bourgeois opposition to the 1964-1985 military regime. Winning over this part of the electorate is the absolute minimum the Fernando Haddad campaign must do. Now, while this is not going away any time soon, Fernando Haddad is necessarily going to need to attract voters who are moderately antipetista, by presenting himself as the lesser evil. But she says she would have pressed the button for "Bolsonaro with pain in my heart" since she is so disillusioned with the Workers' Party.

He also tapped into the widespread, often visceral anti-PT sentiment, which has grown as a result of corruption investigations involving high-ranking party members, including ex-president Lula, who is now serving a highly disputed 12-year sentence for his alleged crimes An openly anti-PT media landscape contributed to this demonization.

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Haddad, 55, who comes across as an earnest intellectual and lacks da Silva's fiery charisma, was unknown in much of the country and failed to galvanize core Workers' Party voters who had identified with da Silva's working-class roots and life story. He also had the backing of much of the private sector (because he favours drastic pro-market reforms, including swift privatization of state firms and services).

In terms of branding, the campaign is already taking steps to take the focus away from the party and on to the candidate. Now the name of a once popular politician and his party removed the posters and are even ready to change the party colors.

Ex-President Dilma Rousseff, ousted from presidency in 2016, was trying to make a political comeback as a senator.

Bolsonaro is by far the most controversial and polarising candidate.

He also regularly uses homophobic, misogynistic and racist rhetoric to stigmatize, sideline or criminalize large swaths of Brazilian society.

He leads in polls despite having been unable to campaign in person since early September due to a stabbing. "He wasn't exposed to debate, to people questioning him".

In fact, there is plenty to challenge.

She was referring to far-right congressman and poll leader Jair Bolsonaro. "I know that everyone promises to end these two things, but I feel Bolsonaro is the only one can help end my anxieties".

"It looks hard for Haddad to win in the second round, but not impossible". "Unfortunately that's literally the only nice thing that I can possibly find to say about him because he is a bad human being".

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