Poliolike Disease Striking Children: What You Need to Know

Poliolike Disease Striking Children: What You Need to Know

Poliolike Disease Striking Children: What You Need to Know

Of the cases announced Tuesday, 62 have been confirmed in 22 states, according to Nancy Messonnier, a top official at the CDC. All told 386 cases of AFM have been confirmed since 2014, more than 90 percent in children younger than 18. She suspects that a host of factors play a role in the likelihood of getting AFM, but more cases must be reviewed in order to find an answer.

"There's no cause that we have identified". Although the cause remains a mystery in the majority of cases, the 2014 jump coincided with "a national outbreak of severe respiratory illness among people caused by enterovirus D68", though it wasn't found in all patients, according to the CDC.

Follow-up with patients from the 2014 and 2016 waves has shown that most children do not recover from acute flaccid myelitis, for which there now is no cure. Though AFM has not claimed any lives this year, there was one death in 2017.

Officials at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City said two cases of AFM have been confirmed at the hospital. But Messonnier cautioned that it would be "premature" to be confident that this year will be the same as the earlier years.

There's no specific treatment that helps or reverses the effects of the condition. 'At this moment, we don't know if it's a virus that is coming and producing direct damage of the gray matter in the spinal cord, ' he said, 'or if a virus is triggering immunological responses that produce a secondary damage in the spinal cord.' It's not clear who is at risk.

Maryland health officials said their first case was reported to them September 21.

Physicians first began noticing an increase in AFM patients in 2014, with roughly 120 confirmed cases.

The CDC says that there has been an increase in cases of AFM since 2014.

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Officials call the condition acute flaccid myelitis or afm.

"We want to encourage parents to seek medical care right away if you or your child develops symptoms of AFM, such as sudden weakness and loss of muscle tone in your arms or legs". The public health agency also does not fully understand long-term consequences or why some patients recover quickly while others continue to experience weakness.

Cases similar to Tunan's son are spreading to children around the age of four nationwide.

Kelsey Gregory, a nurse practitioner with Premier Family Care in Harrison, said, "They are terming it as a polio-like virus, but none of the confirmed cases have been caused by the actual polio virus". However, Messonnier said in her report, the CDC has tested every stool specimen from AFM patients, and none have tested positive for poliovirus.

"Even if you diagnose it, you're managing symptoms", Rathore said.

The CDC is investigating the outbreak.

That's up from 22 people who were said to have it in 2015. So, most of the doctors are in confusion and they don't know the reason of this aggressive invasion of virus with the small kids only, and not others.

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