Strong Earthquakes Strike Off Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Strong Earthquakes Strike Off Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Strong Earthquakes Strike Off Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Instead, they occurred about 118 miles southwest of Port Hardy, a town at the northeast corner of Vancouver Island.

A 6.5-magnitude quake hit at 10:39 p.m., a 6.8-magnitude quake at 11:16 p.m. and another 6.5-magnitude quake at 11:22 p.m., it said.

A third quake, being called an "aftershock" happened six minutes after that.

Earthquakes Canada has since downgraded the quake to 6.5-magnitude, with no initial reports of tsunami threats, damage or shaking being felt. "We do know it's occurred about 20 times in the past 10,000 years", Dr. John Clague, an earth sciences professor at Simon Fraser University, said to GlobalNews.

The 6.8-magnitude quake is believed to have struck just under 200 kilometres west of Port Alice.

And a tsunami warning hasn't been set in place at the moment.

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This makes it constantly active, with tremors striking regions laying on the Ring every day.

The strongest one was a 3.8 magnitude quake which hit 157 miles (253 km) off Kodiak.

Canada's west coast lies on the Ring of Fire, a 25,000-mile (40,000-kilometer) arc where the Pacific Plate pushes against smaller tectonic plates, creating seismic activity. The quake caused a tsunami that hit the east coast of Japan.

Map locating the natural disaster off the western coast of Canada.

"Looks like we have an quake triplet, folks!"

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