The definition of a nationalist

The definition of a nationalist

The definition of a nationalist

Ted Cruz in the upcoming midterm elections.

But when Trump took the podium and his speech took an even sharper rightward turn, the crowd erupted in boisterous applause and chants of "USA!"

There most interesting race for the upcoming midterm elections is that of Sen.

"I'll tell you what: Nobody has helped me more, with your tax cuts, with your regulation, with all of the things that we're doing, including military and our vets, than Senator Ted Cruz", Trump told the 18,000 assembled faithful.

"You know what I am, I'm a nationalist". "But actually if you remember in the beginning it was a lovefest.then it got nasty".

'If you look at the trade deals, and nobody knows it better than me. Ted Cruz at a rally in Texas on Monday, describing his onetime political rival as "a really good friend of mine". "I call him 'Texas Ted.'". Cruz have moved on from 2016 and now work very well together.

Trump took aim at Cruz's opponent U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke, D-Texas, who represents a district in the El Paso area.

Trump had also ridiculed Cruz's wife, Heidi, during the 2016 campaign and promoted a conspiracy theory that Cruz's father was connected to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Cruz once called Trump a "serial philanderer" and "sniveling coward".

Trump indicated that he was referring to American nationalism rather than white nationalism, which he and his followers have also been accused of promoting.

President Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd during a campaign rally on October 22, 2018, in Houston. The visual of Cruz slightly bowing his head as he shakes Trump's hand struck many as an apt metaphor for Cruz's acceptance of Trump's support. "We can't have that".

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President Trump said Tuesday that he does think of himself as a "nationalist" in in that he's a patriot who's exhausted of seeing foreign nations take advantage of America.

With weeks to go before Election Day, Trump is seeking to drive Republican turnout with his hard-line immigration policies.

"They snuck into churches to deceive church members", said Graves. It's looking more and more like he'll get it. There were another 3,000 people watching outside on TV screens, according to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

President Trump embraced his one-time nemesis Sen.

On Monday night, Trump called the caravan an "assault on our country" and suggested, without citing evidence, that "Democrats had something to do with it". For now, then, Cruz is Beautiful Ted.

"It all worked out nicely".

"I like him a lot. I think he's a highly overrated guy". "He loves the people of Texas", Trump said. If he loses to O'Rourke, however, Trump may start calling him something else.

And Cruz took aim at O'Rourke, saying the liberal Democrat "wants higher taxes". But it may further alienate the moderate Republicans and women in the overwhelmingly suburban races that will decide the House majority - including several in Texas, California and Florida that feature large Hispanic populations.

The Monday evening rally was moved to the Toyota Center in downtown Houston after organizers said ticket requests swamped the seating capacity at NRG Arena, the initial venue.

Trump is well aware of the power he has to energise people.

"He's not "Lyin" Ted anymore," he said.

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