Democrats chip away at GOP dominance in state governments

Democrats chip away at GOP dominance in state governments

Democrats chip away at GOP dominance in state governments

Gillum's campaign said it's monitoring the situation with an elections lawyer and preparing for a possible state-mandated recount.

The Gillum campaign sent out an email to supporters Thursday afternoon urging those with provisional ballots to call their supervisor of elections offices before 5 make sure their ballot was counted, and campaign spokeswoman Johanna Cervone said the campaign was prepared for a recount effort.

Rick Scott, who left the governor's mansion to run for the Senate, squeezed out Bill Nelson, the veteran centrist Democrat.

As New Times noted yesterday, the person in charge of handling such a recount is none other than Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, a Scott appointee who has been repeatedly accused of hatching schemes to prevent young people, Democrats, and people of color from voting.

Meanwhile, the race for U.S. Senate in Florida has narrowed so much that it could trigger a recount by hand.

Going into Tuesday, Republicans controlled 33 governors' mansions and two-thirds of state legislative chambers. Under Florida law, a 0.5-point vote margin prompts a machine recount. While Nelson easily won re-election in 2006 and 2012, he faced nothing like he did with Scott. Palm Beach and Broward counties haven't completed their vote-by-mail tallies yet, and all but a handful of counties have yet to complete reviews of provisional ballots.

In one of the closest (and most closely-watched) races of the 2018 election, Republican representative Ron DeSantis has edged out Andrew Gillum to become Governor of Florida.

Even the Fried-Caldwell race might not be close enough for a recount to matter.

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November 15 - Vote totals from the machine recounts are due by 3 p.m.

"A tough brilliant cookie, Ron DeSantis", President Trump said, touting the gubernatorial candidate.

There is zero chance that a recount will reverse a gap in the ranges of either the senate or gubernatorial races. Canvassing boards conduct the recount by running ballots through vote tabulation machines. It won't change things, but it will put paid to the conspiracy theories that are already floating in Georgia over the election process there.

In one final twist, DeSantis, who throughout the campaign portrayed Tallahassee as crime-ridden and risky, will now be moving their to do his new job - right alongside the city's mayor, (still) Andrew Gillum. Both of them will end up leaving egg on Gillum's face in the end, and making not one whit of meaningful difference in the eventual ballot count.

Florida, the king of swing states, delivered a grievous blow to Democrats looking to the sunshine state to light them a path towards victory in 2020.

"She will be, when she takes office, the highest-ranking Hispanic female in the history of the state of Florida", DeSantis said. It's not a tossup.

Florida's electoral map, like America's, is overwhelmingly red, even in almost tied elections. DeSantis loudly objected to suggestions he was in cahoots with far-right figures or that his ties, unwitting he said, to white supremacists should be held against him.

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