Rep. Moulton Criticized At Town Hall For Opposing Pelosi

Rep. Moulton Criticized At Town Hall For Opposing Pelosi

Rep. Moulton Criticized At Town Hall For Opposing Pelosi

Pelosi continues to project confidence that she has the votes to be elected speaker and she is still running unchallenged, though Rep. Marcia Fudge of OH has said she is considering entering the race.

Even before they've taken office, the freshmen swept in by the midterm elections are caught at the center of an escalating power struggle over Pelosi's future.

Sixteen Democrats have signed a letter indicating their pledge to oppose Pelosi, D-Calif., both in an internal caucus election and a January 3 floor vote.

On the other, Pelosi's critics say she has become such a weight on the party, starring as the chief villain in Republican attack ads against Democrats, that she needs to step aside and make way for a new generation of leadership.

Ms. Pelosi, a legendary legislator, vote-counter, campaigner and fund-raiser who served as speaker from 2007 to 2011, has expressed supreme confidence that she will be elected again in January. She has more recently become a punching bag for Republicans, despite having a record of bipartisan legislative achievement. Our majority came on the backs of candidates who said that they would suport new leadership because voters in hard-won districts, and across the country, want to see real change in Washington. "He believes it's time for new leadership". Two of them - Anthony Brindisi of NY and Ben McAdams of Utah - are in races in which The Associated Press has yet to call a victor. But while the letter indicates that Pelosi has a math problem, there are already signs she may be able to overcome the opposition.

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On CNN, Houlahan said she's "leaning toward" supporting Pelosi. The aide said it was a failing strategy to try to persuade Pelosi to give up her candidacy for another term as speaker.

Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump said in a statement that Pelosi deserves to be the "chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats".

"The whole concept of "you can't beat somebody with nobody" is a Nancy Pelosi talking point", Rice told reporters last week. She will have to flip some Democrats, and flipping those incoming freshmen means asking them to go back on the promises they made to their constituents during their campaigns that they would not back Pelosi.

[T] hey had expected to get at least 20 signatures on the letter, so releasing it with only 16 suggests their opposition movement may be weakening. It also includes Ben McAdams, who not only hasn't won, but is trailing. That margin could shift, though, if lawmakers are absent or simply vote "present", which reduces the threshold. If fifteen Democrats vote against Pelosi on the floor, she wins the gavel by one vote. "That number is growing, so we're just going to keep at it", Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan said Wednesday, when asked when the letter would be posted.

"But because of the dynamic that she has set up in harnessing all the power at the top, the first step is showing that she can not get to 218, and then I believe the challengers will emerge", Rice said.

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