'I don't believe it' - Trump dismisses government climate report

'I don't believe it' - Trump dismisses government climate report

'I don't believe it' - Trump dismisses government climate report

It warns of more, stronger and longer disasters triggered at least in part by global warming. "And in some areas, such as parts of Alaska and Louisiana, coastal flooding will likely force people to relocate".

"The evidence of human-caused climate change is overwhelming and continues to strengthen, that the impacts of climate change are intensifying across the country, and that climate-related threats to Americans' physical, social, and economic well-being are rising", the assessment said.

Climate change-related weather events are expected to become more frequent and more intense and that's going to hit the USA economy hard.

This includes worsening air pollution causing heart and lung problems, more diseases from insects, the potential for a jump in deaths during heat waves, and nastier allergies, according to the report.

The effects will spill over into global trade, affecting import and export prices and USA businesses with overseas operations and supply chains, it added.

Invasive species: Natural ecosystem will be greatly modified by changing winter temperature extremes, wildfire patterns, sea levels, hurricanes, floods, droughts and warming ocean temperatures, to the point where species are expected to redistribute.

The report also comes amid a presidential administration that has been the most pro oil and gas industry on record and one whose policies, particularly rolling back Obama-era environmental policies, have set environmentalists on edge.

Report co-author Katharine Hayhoe says it shows the unsafe weather that scientists said will happen in the United States is already happening.

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"I had breakfast this morning too, and that doesn't mean we alleviated world hunger - and that's what that logic is like". "Warmer and drier conditions have contributed to an increase in large forest fires in the western United States and interior Alaska", according to the report.

Meanwhile, the report warned that even if major cuts are made to harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) like carbon dioxide and methane, the damage will linger for years.

The report saw contributions from 300 leading scientists and 13 federal agencies.

Under President Trump, the United States pulled out of the Paris-Climate agreement, which put America on track to reducing greenhouse gasses by 26% while handing over billions of dollars to the United Nations.

Earlier in the week, Trump tweeted about the brutal cold spell that hit the East Coast over the Thanksgiving holiday and questioned "Whatever happened to Global Warming?"

The entire report can be viewed here. Temperatures are still going up, and the odds of dangers such as wildfires in the West continue to increase.

In October of this year, he accused climate change scientists of having a "political agenda", saying that while he thinks the climate is changing, he does not believe it is manmade. The first part, released previous year, says the only convincing explanation for climate change is human activity.

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