Over 700 arrested in Paris amid violent fuel protests

Over 700 arrested in Paris amid violent fuel protests

Over 700 arrested in Paris amid violent fuel protests

The Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum reopened yesterday after closing amid Saturday's rioting.

French President Emmanuel Macron will meet representatives of trade unions, employers' organisations and associations of local elected officials on Monday, an Elysee palace source said.

During the week, Macron abandoned the tax rise in a bid to appease the protesters.

The government's plan was to prevent a repeat of the rioting on December 2 that damaged the Arc de Triomphe and injured 130 people.

The third day of protests takes place on Saturday, Dec 1, with widespread violence erupting, particularly in Paris around the Arc de Triomphe and several upscale neighbourhoods.

Police also confiscated surgical masks and goggles used to protect against the effects of tear gas.

For the fourth day of protests on Saturday (Dec 8), 89,000 security force members will be deployed, including 8,000 in Paris. The national gendarme service posted a video on Twitter of police tackling a protester and confiscating his risky material, which appeared to be primarily a tennis racket. Blocked by police, they tried other routes.

Protesters had ripped off the plywood protecting some of the shop windows.

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France’s President Emmanuel Macron

Most of the yellow vest demonstrators in Paris appeared to be working class men from elsewhere in France, angry at economic inequalities and stagnation. Subway stations in the center of town were shut down. More than 70 people were detained. No injuries have been reported.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe appealed for restraint.

Large groups of people spilled into other areas and heading to eastern Paris, where a march against climate change was scheduled for the afternoon.

"We are here to tell (Macron) our discontent". But foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian today hit back by telling Mr Trump not to meddle in French politics. Macron, he said, "is not strong enough".

The movement has no clear leaders, and past protests have attracted extremists who hurled projectiles at police. This was announced on Sunday, the head of the interior Ministry Christoph Kastner.

Created on social media, the "yellow vest" movement which got its name from the high visibility vests drivers keep in their cars, has lured people of all ages and backgrounds.

Authorities said the anti-Macron riots in Paris had been less violent than a week ago, with fewer injured - but city hall said the physical damage was far worse as the protests were spread out across the capital.

Four people have been killed in accidents since the unrest began November 17. Christmas markets, national soccer matches and countless other events have been canceled due to the protests. Gregory Caray, owner of two furniture shops in the heart of Paris, said he was relieved to see that his shop had not been vandalised, but the protective wooden boards over its windows were plastered with graffiti. Although the precise cost of the protests to the French economy can not yet be quantified, the French retail federation estimates retailers alone have lost around 1 billion euros (Dh4 billion) since the protests began.

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