Accused Russian agent Maria Butina pleads guilty to conspiracy against US

Accused Russian agent Maria Butina pleads guilty to conspiracy against US

Accused Russian agent Maria Butina pleads guilty to conspiracy against US

Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina has been offering investigators information on the American she conspired with to infiltrate USA political circles and the Russian official who directed her activities, as she prepares to make her guilty plea official on Thursday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

After sending the proposal to Torshin and others, Butina requested that an unnamed "Russian billionaire" pay her $125,000 to attend a series of conferences that Butina identified in the proposal and to "determine where the focus of Russian interests lies [sic] in cooperating with the U.S.".

Butina has agreed to cooperate with investigators.

Butina was arrested in July 2018 over allegations that she failed to register with the attorney general as an agent of the Russian government while infiltrating the National Rifle Association and National Prayer Breakfast. "He has never done anything to hurt our country and never would", Hurd said.

A Russian woman has admitted to acting as an agent for the Kremlin to get close to the Republican party in an effort to influence U.S. policies.

Comics aim to mimic things in the real world all the time, but it is surreal when things in the real world give you a sense of deja vu from the comics, and that is certainly the case with real-life Russian Black Widow Maria Butina.

The charges against Butina were brought by federal prosecutors in Washington, and her case was unrelated to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Butina had originally pleaded not guilty to prosecutors' charges. Trump's meeting with Putin that month inspired very different reactions on the right: the alt-right cheered Trump's positive rapport with the Russian president, while Sen.

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"To me, this is nothing to do with espionage as we think of it", Galeotti told VICE News.

The actions Butina acknowledged taking occurred during the same time period that USA intelligence agencies have concluded Russian Federation engaged in a campaign of propaganda and hacking to sow discord in the United States during the 2016 presidential race and boost Republican candidate Trump's chances against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Butina said that her mind was "absolutely clear" when she made this admission. Her lawyer has argued that Butina was a student interested in American politics and better US-Russian relations. "Anyone would break down in circumstances like that", he said, referring to Butina's time in prison, which included being held in administrative segregation.

She has also agreed to co-operate with investigators. She'll remain jailed while awaiting sentencing.

As part of the plea agreement, Butina may provide information about Paul Erickson, her onetime boyfriend.

"When I heard something was going on around her, for a start I asked the heads of our secret services, 'Who is she?' Nobody knows anything about her", President Vladimir Putin said in a televised appearance in Moscow on Tuesday, the day after Butina said in a filing she wanted to change her plea.

Butina ran much of her infiltration campaign while studying at a master's program at American University, appearing at NRA events and asking a question of then-candidate Donald Trump in a now-infamous video.

Torshin was her political mentor, offering advice on her work with Russia's pro-gun organization Right to Bear Arms.

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