Ireland goes over May's head and appeals directly to MPs on Brexit

Ireland goes over May's head and appeals directly to MPs on Brexit

Ireland goes over May's head and appeals directly to MPs on Brexit

"In my heart I would like to lead the party into the next election but I accept that won't happen", May told Conservative MPs.

Here are the front pages she woke up to this morning after the latest tumultuous few days for her leadership.

Despite the near constant criticism, including from inside her own government, May has kept at it and compares herself to her cricketing hero Geoffrey Boycott, who was a byword for doggedness as a batsman.

Under the Conservative party's rules, May's leadership can not be challenged again for at least twelve months.

If May wins tonight's vote, she will be safe from further leadership challenges for 12 months.

Theresa May, Britain's embattled prime minister, is pressing on with fraught Brexit negotiations after surviving an attempt to oust her from power Wednesday night.

200-117 is a decent margin of victory but it's not going to be enough to put to bed any questions, especially since she promised MPs today that there would be a better Brexit deal and that she wouldn't lead Conservatives into the next election.

At the very least it provides some certainty in that markets know the United Kingdom leader will remain unchanged during the crucial 2019 Brexit as a new leader might have been more inclined to opt for a "no deal" Brexit.

It comes as the PM secured a less than convincing majority in a confidence vote over her leadership of the party on Wednesday.

However, crucially 117 members of her own party said they had no confidence in her, meaning the matter is not fully resolved. The secret vote was closed at 2000 GMT.

Other MPs indicated that Mrs May had promised to find a "legally binding solution" to ensuring that the United Kingdom does not get permanently trapped in a backstop arrangement to keep the Irish border open after Brexit - despite the EU's insistence that no binding commitments are on offer.

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The DUP, like the Brexit hardliners, strongly oppose her deal, meaning that any respite afforded by Wednesday's vote will only be temporary.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, whose country holds the rotating six-month presidency of the European Council, said: "I believe that Theresa May knows that there can be no reopening of the withdrawal agreement".

"I don't think there is a mood for a general election but I do think we will have one within a year", he said.

And the PM hinted at working more closely with other parties in a bid to break the Brexit stalemate saying she was determined to deliver Brexit and adding "that must start here in Westminster with politicians on all sides coming together and acting in the national interest". Whichever way they voted, people in Portsmouth did not vote to be poorer'.

Many Conservative MPs and May's Northern Irish allies in the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) fear a plan for a temporary customs arrangement with the European Union will become permanent, with no way out. And that doesn't even include the DUP, who will be unmoved by the prime minister's predicament, especially now that she has ruled out calling a General Election.

May has bought herself some time, but not much.

Mrs May said she would seek legal and political assurances from European Union leaders on Thursday on the backstop arrangement over the border between European Union member state Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland.

"A lot of the tweets in support of her yesterday were about "getting on with the job" of Brexit - a lot of them want it over and done with so the next election scheduled in 2022 can be possibly on a different playing field, it can be in a post-Brexit environment and they can talk about other issues that they might be less divided on".

A split was still clear in the Tory party after the result.

"I am absolutely committed to changing the culture of this place and to seeing that everybody here is treated with dignity and respect", she said.

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