United Kingdom opposition leader denies calling PM May 'stupid woman'

United Kingdom opposition leader denies calling PM May 'stupid woman'

United Kingdom opposition leader denies calling PM May 'stupid woman'

Speaker John Bercow said he had consulted "lip speakers" - people who can hear but interpret for deaf people - and they believed Mr Corbyn probably did deliver the slur, but no-one could be "100 per cent" certain.

It brought condemnation from Tory MPs, with party chairman Brandon Lewis urging him to either "apologise or clarify".

But several Conservatives continued to demand an apology, and again aimed their fury at Bercow, with one, Vicky Ford, saying he had also once called her a "stupid woman", something he strongly rejected.

Corbyn said in a statement to MPs that he had instead uttered the phrase "stupid people", referring to others in the chamber who were not taking the debate seriously at the time.

A video grab shows Prime Minister Theresa May reacting as opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks during the weekly Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons in London on December 19, 2018.

"FYI- I have to say, I saw Jeremy Corbin call the Prime Minister a "stupid woman" with my own eyes watching on (at) SkyNewsPolitics", Lowe tweeted.

"But I think what we are dealing with is a situation. where the Prime Minister has behaved in a reckless and cynical manner by pushing the vote back on her deal, which she knows can not pass Parliament, in an attempt to try to force MPs to back her deal".


"I know it's the Christmas season and the pantomime season", May said.

The Labour leader said he had been annoyed by the Conservatives "turning the very serious issue of the failure to negotiate properly on Brexit" into "a pantomime".

Asked by a BBC reporter in Northampton, where he was visiting a homeless shelter, whether he had used respectful language, Mr Corbyn said: "I muttered it to myself, actually, in Parliament, and you and your colleagues in the media seem utterly obsessed with this".

The prime minister did respond, advising her opponent to use appropriate language that welcomes women into politics.

She said: "This is just the latest in a long line of misogynistic behaviour from Corbyn and his top team".

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott criticised Tory MPs for "staged behaviour".

Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson told ITV's Good Morning Britain Mr Corbyn had "got up at the dispatch box, he denied using those words, and that is good enough for me".

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