Short on solutions, long on blame in 2nd shutdown weekend

Short on solutions, long on blame in 2nd shutdown weekend

Short on solutions, long on blame in 2nd shutdown weekend

Trump tweeted on Friday that he would completely close the border with Mexico unless Democrats provide money for the wall and change immigration laws. "In January the House of Representatives will hold hearings with witnesses under oath and find out what happened", Representative Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) tweeted in response to the president.

"Everyone agrees that what we can and should be building on that southern border is that steel barrier that the president tweeted out".

Trump, who scrapped plans to spend Christmas in his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and stayed in Washington due to the shutdown, had now also canceled his New Year's plans, Mulvaney said.

In television interviews on Friday, Trump aides sought to blame Democrats for the continuing shutdown.

Agreement eludes Washington in the waning days of the Republican monopoly on power, and that sets up the first big confrontation between Trump and newly empowered Democrats.

Pelosi has vowed to pass legislation as soon as she takes the gavel, which is expected when the new Congress convenes, to reopen the nine shuttered departments and dozens of agencies now hit by the partial shutdown.

"So we fully expect that until she is elected speaker and has locked that vote up, we don't expect to hear from the Democrats again", Mulvaney continued.

Democrats said the White House offered to accept $2.5 billion for border security, but that Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer told Vice President Mike Pence that it wasn't acceptable. "Go down to the border and let the courageous men and women on the front lines personally tell the American people and Congress how effective border barriers are".

Medical checks ordered after second child migrant dies in U.S. custody
They arrived at the Alamogordo border station late on December 22 , where they were transferred for final processing. Caal's 8 December death reignited debate in the United States over immigration policy and the treatment of migrants.

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has conceded his team selection was wrong for defeat to Crystal Palace . He said: "The third goal, the penalty, was really tough for us".

Congress aims for short government funding bill; no border wall
President Donald Trump will not sign legislation to fund the federal government that passed the U.S. Trump has not yet said he will support the measure as it does not include any funding for the U.S.

"Nancy Pelosi, in fairness, does not have the votes for the speakership yet", Mulvaney said.

Hammill said 'given that the President has changed his position so many times, we would not consider any offers from the White House that the President has not publicly endorsed.

But that won't accomplish anything unless Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate go along with it.

"We are far apart", White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told CBS on Friday, claiming of Democrats, "They've left the table all together".

In Mexico, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sidestepped Trump's threat, telling journalists: "We don't want to be imprudent and we don't think we should get into this". Senate Republicans approved that compromise in an earlier bill with Democrats but now say they won't be voting on any more unless something is agreed to by all sides, including Trump.

His tweets are the president's first public comment about the deaths of two children, an eight-year-old boy named Felipe Gomez Alonzo and a seven-year-old girl named Jakelin Caal, who were taken into custody with their parents after attempting a risky crossing into the United States at the Mexico border. The Senate bill contains $1.3 billion for border security excluding any concrete wall.

Trump declared three weeks ago during a White House meeting with Pelosi and Schumer that he would be "proud" to take responsibility for shutting down the government over funding for a border wall.

According to Trump the "caravans" amount to organized attempts at invading the United States.

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