Lunar eclipse coming to Winnipeg this weekend

Lunar eclipse coming to Winnipeg this weekend

Lunar eclipse coming to Winnipeg this weekend

You can also look for livestreams of the "super blood wolf moon" eclipse if it won't be visible where you are.

There is, however, a legitimately interesting celestial event coming: a total lunar eclipse, which occurs when the sun, moon and Earth line up, with the Earth passing between the sun and the moon. He plans to attend an eclipse party at Hallock State Park Preserve on New York's Long Island. Not only will the moon be full, but at the same time there will be a "super moon" and a lunar eclipse. That's why an eclipsed moon is sometimes known as a blood moon.

A "wolf Moon" is simply a folk name for the Moon that rises during January.

The eclipse involves the moon moving through the Earth's shadow. At 11:41 PM Eastern Time, the eclipse will reach totality.

The "super" part means that the moon is closer to Earth than usual. The reason for their rarity is the moon's orbit, which is tilted some 5 degrees off-kilter from Earth's orbital plane, or ecliptic; if the two were perfectly aligned, a total lunar eclipse would occur monthly, each time the moon was full.

Ficken plans to be at Jefferson College in Hillsboro on Sunday night, where the St. Louis Astronomical Society has organized a public event to view the eclipse. This is peak eclipse or the greatest eclipse period, which is when Moon comes closest to the axis of Earth's shadow. Totality - when the Earth completely blocks the sun from the moon - will occur after 10:40 p.m., as the moon turns a tiresome shade of red. "During a special nocturnal hour, the full moon will become fully tinted with the red-orange color of sunset".

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As NASA explains, Earth casts a red shadow because of how our atmosphere scatters light.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Mike Doll, clouds are expected "over much of the western USA, but there could be enough breaks in the clouds for people to see the eclipse".

Godfrey and Slooh astronomer Paul Cox, plus Slooh storyteller Helen Avery, will discuss the science and cultural impact of lunar eclipses during the webcast. Not much darkening will be visible yet, according to NASA. A screening of the Hollywood hit First Man will also be playing in the IMAX theatre at 7 p.m. for an additional charge.

Eclipse totality will end by 5.43am GMT and partial eclipsing will begin. It will be the first full moon of the year (a "wolf moon"). "What happens in this particular supermoon is that the moon will appear 14 percent larger, and it will appear 30 percent brighter".

Skywatcher Keith Burns took this montage of images, which shows the December 20, 2010, total lunar eclipse. If you're going to look up at any point that evening, this is the time. As a result, the Moon is called the "Blood Moon".

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