S&P: U.S. government shutdown likely to cost more than Trump's wall

S&P: U.S. government shutdown likely to cost more than Trump's wall

S&P: U.S. government shutdown likely to cost more than Trump's wall

The longest such shutdown in USA history dragged into its 25th day with neither President Donald Trump nor Democratic congressional leaders showing signs of bending on the topic that triggered it - funding for a wall Trump promised to build along the border with Mexico.

Despite Pelosi's statement on furloughed workers within the U.S. Secret Service under the Department of Homeland Security, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the department is "fully prepared" to secure the event.

Earlier, Mrs. Pelosi changed her reasoning for requesting Mr. Trump postpone the January address to a joint session of Congress. We're saying let's get a date when government is open.

She cited concerns over the capacity of the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service to safeguard the Capitol (which houses the United States legislature) during the event.

The Democratic-led House has again passed a bill to reopen the shuttered portions of the government, but like its predecessors the measure appears doomed in the GOP-controlled Senate and faces a veto promise from President Donald Trump. They represent areas where Trump remains popular. Back in December, before the shutdown began, polls conducted using the same methodology found a wider range of approval ratings, including several over 40%.

"The right thing would be for the government to be open that day", he said.

A White House official speaking Friday on the condition of anonymity to address Pelosi's charge said it didn't leak her plan.

An economic shift could rattle Trump, who has tied his political fortunes to the stock market and repeatedly stressed economic gains as evidence that his tax-cut package and deregulation efforts are succeeding.

The speaker of the House also complained to the media that she hadn't received a response from the president to her letter telling him he was not invited to give his State of the Union speech while the shutdown goes on.

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They originally estimated the partial shutdown would subtract 0.1 percentage point from economic growth every two weeks.

The partial shutdown - already the longest in U.S. history - seemed certain to drag well into next week, meaning 800,000 federal workers nationwide would continue to go unpaid and some government functions would remain impaired.

Meanwhile, the shutdown, which is now the longest in USA history, has left more than 800,000 federal workers and contractors without pay. One-quarter of federal operations are effected.

Scalise was asked whether he thought Pelosi was simply trying to get into the president's head in the midst of negotiations, to which he replied: "I think he's already gotten into her head-that she's on the wrong side of this issue".

The House and Senate announced they are canceling next week's planned recess if the shutdown continues, which seemed likely.

While Trump's own advisers said the shutdown was proving a greater drag on the economy than expected, Trump showed no signs of backing off a fight that he views as vital for his core supporters.

"The Democrats are not going to negotiate with the government shut down", he said. But it's actually a consequential dispute about who'll have leverage, now and later, as the partial shutdown enters its 27th day Thursday, setting a dubious record for duration.

Behind the scenes, though, the administration - and its allies on Capitol Hill - are warily eyeing the next payday, hoping to reach a resolution before next week's Tuesday deadline when they'll need to prepare the next round of paychecks for workers who have been seeing zeros on their pay slips.

But House Republicans criticized Pelosi for even suggesting the State of the Union be rescheduled.

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