Bangladesh shuts door on Isis bride Shamima Begum and her baby

Bangladesh shuts door on Isis bride Shamima Begum and her baby

Bangladesh shuts door on Isis bride Shamima Begum and her baby

Mr Alam added: "So, there is no question of her being allowed to enter into Bangladesh".

Begum was found in a detention camp in Syria last week, and her fate has sparked a dispute over the ramifications of leaving a 19-year-old mother with a jihadist fighter's child to fend for herself in a war zone.

"The current government of Bangladesh maintains a zero tolerance policy on terrorism".

Begum was one of a group of schoolgirls from London's Bethnal Green neighbourhood who went to Syria at a time when Islamic State's online recruitment program lured many impressionable young people to its self-proclaimed caliphate.

"(The) family are very disappointed with the. intention to have an order made depriving Shamima of her citizenship", Tasnime Akunjee said on Twitter.

"Measures depriving citizens of nationality on national security grounds are being used with increasing frequency across Europe", Michelle Foster, director of the Peter McMullin Center on Statelessness in Melbourne, said in an email to WorldViews.

"I have been resolute that, where [people who leave the country to support terrorism] pose any threat to this country, I will do everything in my power to prevent their return", Javid told the House of Commons.

But the BBC reported she might have automatic right to Bangladeshi citizenship until she is 21, through a parent. The Syrian fighters are also said to be holding six suspected British fighters, including two of the so-called "Beatles".

Shamima Begum is being held at the al-Hawl camp in Northern Syria with other IS women and children.

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"Maybe I can ask for citizenship in Holland", said Begum. "I'm not going to go back and provoke people to go to ISIS or anything, if anything I'm going to encourage them not to go because it's not all as it seems in their videos". The 19-year-old had only ever held a British passport when she left the country and married an ISIS fighter at the age of 15.

Britain's Home Office reportedly believes that Begum, who is of Bangladeshi heritage, is entitled to claim citizenship there.

"It may also be mentioned that she never visited Bangladesh in the past despite her parental lineage".

"I have one citizenship and if you take that away from me, I don't have anything". But the Kurdish fighters who have kept numerous former caliphate residents under lock and key worry that with the US pullout, they may need to shift resources elsewhere, disbanding camps and allowing the residents to disperse.

Mr Javid said on Wednesday that global law meant Britain could only do this if it did not leave the person stateless, if they were dual nationals or "in some limited circumstances they have the right to citizenship elsewhere".

"This means there are millions of naturalised and dual nationality holders in the United Kingdom today on whom this power to strip can operate without them even being aware they have any other existing nationality".

The Muslim Council of Britain has warned Mr Javid's move heightens fears of "a two-tiered citizenship scheme, sets a risky precedent and demonstrates an abdication of responsibility".

Begum appealed to British authorities to show "compassion" by allowing her to raise the baby in Britain.

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