Meadows, Tlaib hug after dispute over race in Cohen hearing

Meadows, Tlaib hug after dispute over race in Cohen hearing

Meadows, Tlaib hug after dispute over race in Cohen hearing

"The president does not see color, race, creed, religion", said Patton, who is black.

"This whole hearing was a morality play in Washington how people were setting themselves on fire to serve Trumpism", Sykes said.

Back in high school, a group of white classmates dressed in Confederate-inspired clothing as part of a social club called the "Rebel Rousers" and insisted they weren't racist when confronted because some of them knew Darden, who is black. "Simply to have someone stand behind you and not talk - I mean, which aide, which overpaid congressional aide came up with that?"

Patton took to Instagram several hours after the hearing to defend herself, touting her experience working for the Trump family, speaking at the Republican National Convention and now leading the largest HUD office in the country.

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former personal attorney, gave anticipated and well-watched testimony before the House committee explaining his decade-long relationship with Trump and answering an array of questions - from allegations of racism to wide-sweeping corruption to the president's secretive financial dealings to collusion with Russian Federation to win the election.

Patton found that accusation revolting and she wondered why "the congresswoman from MI would take the word of a self-confessed perjurer and criminally convicted white male over a black female ... that's more racist". I wish she would step forward and let some of the congresspeople question her. The View's Sunny Hostin called out Meadows for using Patton "as a prop," and she later ripped the congressman for claiming that the move wasn't racist because he has black relatives. During his riveting 30-minute opening remarks Cohen accused the president of being a "racist", "conman", and "cheat".

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Jordan and Meadows also claim that Cohen's testimony that he "never defrauded any bank" was "intentionally false" given that Manhattan prosecutors "specifically referred to Mr. Cohen's crimes of making false statements to financial institutions as "bank fraud" in a footnote of his plea agreement. "The only one of us whose narrative has changed is the one facing significant jail time".

Cummings: Excuse me would you like to rephrase that statement, Mrs. Tlaib. She added that she was saying that if "someone" were to behave in such a way, it would be racist.

"You don't have to be black to watch what happened yesterday and feel totally uncomfortable with that moment", Huntsman said.

Cummings: Mr. Meadows, wait a minute. "It's more important that we reconcile", Meadows said.

Tlaib apologized for giving Meadows the impression she was directly calling him a racist, and he accepted the apology.

Sophia Nelson, a political strategist who once served as GOP counsel for the House Oversight Committee, lamented Patton's decision to appear with Meadows. "I think there was a better way of doing that".

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