Ms. Marvel Rumored For Captain Marvel 2

Ms. Marvel Rumored For Captain Marvel 2

Ms. Marvel Rumored For Captain Marvel 2

It remains, when you think about it, absolutely insane that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has featured two new movies, one of which introduces an entirely new character, in between two halves of a almost six-hour epic where half the cast dies in Part One. Apparently a lot of this film's budget went into digitally rejuvenating Jackson's face, as well as that of fellow agent Colson (Clark Gregg), back to their putative 1990s youths. After beginning as a standard, if tentative, Marvel outing, then losing its footing in the early scenes on Earth, "Captain Marvel" finally finds its groove in the back half, when Mendelsohn's Skrull character, Talos, becomes an unlikely source of humor, with some line readings that are more amusingly nuanced than most Marvel movies dare.

Captain Marvel is Marvel Studios's 21st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first with a female-led superhero.

Ultimately, Captain Marvel seems like neither a critical hit nor a critical flop, despite how desperately the trolls are already trying to spin the consensus. It's also better than that, but with Captain Marvel, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have managed to meet expectations driven by the films that preceded theirs and still create a rousing, fun superhero saga that earns the right to be viewed without needing conditions, asterisks or equivocation to evaluate its artistic worthiness - both alone and as a part of the MCU. It no longer reflected the bra-burning activism of our mothers, rather, '90s feminism was about defining strength in womanhood, whether it be physically (à la Sarah Connor in Terminator 2) or tossing out the idea of an "emotional" female (see: Daria) or simply, defining who you are (like Lelaina Pierce in Reality Bites). We get that it's damn-near impossible to pull off but if we have some faith that Brie Larson can get the job done.

We catch up with Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), who's referred to as Vers by her Kree commander, Yon-Rogg (Jude Law), as she's training to harness her powers. More jarring is that Fury's essentially the comic sidekick of "Captain Marvel", and Jackson seems happy to unwind and snuggle with the kitty-cat that wanders in and out of the movie.

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The 29-year-old actress (who plays the lead in the new superhero film, out Friday) shined as she made her way onto the red carpet in Los Angeles on Monday. As much as I loathe to pit two women against each other, the Marvel film didn't give me wish fulfilment chills the way Wonder Woman did. The usual montage of the company's superheroes has been replaced with images of Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee, followed by a text card that says "Thank you Stan". Not every Marvel movie has been a slam dunk, he notes, and Captain Marvel is a capable and fun movie that does a great job of establishing a new hero: "That said, it took three "Thor" films for Chris Hemsworth's thunder god to find his groove".

The setting is California in 1995 and Jackson's Fury is somewhere, at best, in his mid-to-late forties.... Her role on this team is simple-stop the rival alien race The Skrulls from expanding their empire through terrorism. "This takes a while to really get going, but when Carol Danvers takes off she is unstoppable". "Those are things that I learned from her".

So yeah ... we see you Marvel Studios. Carol's friendships with Fury and Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) are equally important but unique.

But where the twenty-first entry in this expanding cinematic universe feels likely to make history is precisely in its lack of innovation: it is, and thankfully can be, just another superhero movie. Annette Bening does double duty as research scientist Dr. Wendy Lawson and the avatar that embodies Carol's most admired person whenever she's jacked into the Kree's Supreme Intelligence matrix.

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