Top Mueller prosecutor to leave Russia probe

Top Mueller prosecutor to leave Russia probe

Top Mueller prosecutor to leave Russia probe

An (almost) unanimous vote in favor of transparency, even at the risk of potentially embarrassing the president? On the 420-0 vote, four Republicans voted present.

Multiple Democrat leaders, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have vowed to sue the the Trump administration should the DOJ refuse to turn over the full report to Congress. "It's like he was fishing for talent in the Hillary Clinton fan club aquarium."...

The nonbinding resolution calls for the public release of any report Mueller provides to Barr, with an exception for classified material.

House Republicans supported the measure, but said it was unnecessary because it restated what's already required by law.

Mueller's investigation into possible coordination between President Donald Trump's associates and Russian Federation has shadowed Trump's presidency since almost its beginning. "Disclosure will vindicate him". Trump has denied collusion and obstruction. Whether or not Mueller is close to finishing the probe is unclear, but several individuals close to Trump have been indicted and convicted for crimes uncovered during the course of the investigation.

Afterward, Graham was equivocal on whether the full report should be released.

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"To maintain that a sitting president can not be indicted no matter how much evidence there is because he's a sitting president, and then to withhold evidence of wrongdoing from Congress because the president can not be charged, is to convert the DOJ policy into a the means for a cover up", Nadler said on the House floor just before the vote. He must then notify Congress, but has not indicated to what extent he intends to share the information with lawmakers or the public. But Barr can use his discretion over what he wants to share.

And it's not like the House GOP couldn't have found a fig leaf here to justify opposing the resolution on "principled" grounds.

Unless Weissmann is leaving for unspecified personal reasons, his departure signals Mueller has likely completed all of the inquiry's major investigative steps, although there could still be additional indictments, said Barbara McQuade, a former senior federal prosecutor in MI.

No date has been mentioned for the Mueller report's release. How can they change their minds later? Deputy special counsel Andrew Weissmann (shown above right) is reportedly planning on leaving the investigation soon; National Public Radio first reported on his possible departure based on two of its sources close to the matter.

Republicans agree - to a point. He added that "full transparency is the only way to prevent future innuendo".

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