White House warns Russian Federation over troops in Venezuela, threatens sanctions

White House warns Russian Federation over troops in Venezuela, threatens sanctions

White House warns Russian Federation over troops in Venezuela, threatens sanctions

Thousands of Venezuelans gave opposition leader Juan Guaido a rock star's welcome in the city of Los Teques on Saturday, March 30, as he heads out across the country to campaign against President Nicolas Maduro.

He also said medical aid would be coming into Venezuela in a matter of days, reiterating a promise that he was forced to renege on in February after security forces blocked US -backed assistance from entering the country and clashed with protesters. "Again, it is the largest humanitarian crisis in the history of this hemisphere and it continues to grow", Diaz-Balart said, adding that Russian Federation and China are helping the Maduro regime.

As at Guaido's rallies, some demonstrators at the pro-Maduro rally held Venezuelan flags and said they wanted to save the country.

Juan Guaido, the opposition leader and self-declared interim president, encouraged his supporters.

There has been a considerable amount of cooperation from India on the USA efforts to restrict export of Venezuelan oil, a top American diplomat said Friday as the Trump administration tightened its noose over the authoritarian regime of the Latin American country.

Maduro was sworn for his new term in January.

Abrams confirmed that USA officials have been having "conversations" with oil trading houses and governments around the world to convince them to further cut their dealings with OPEC member Venezuela.

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"One of the things they are doing seems to be - and we've thought this from the very beginning - is helping the regime with the S-300 ground-air missile system, which apparently got all screwed up by the blackout", Abrams said.

Washington is particularly keen to end deliveries of gasoline and refined products used to dilute Venezuela's heavy crude oil to make it suitable for export.

Several Indian companies have stopped importing oil from the country.

Years of economic mismanagement have left Venezuela's economy in shambles, causing hyperinflation. Many who have stayed behind struggle to afford supplies of food and medicine, while nationwide power outages this month have exacerbated widespread misery.

The United Nations estimates that about a quarter of Venezuelans need humanitarian assistance, according to an internal UN report seen by Reuters.

Venezuela, Russia's largest client in Latin America, has already received "a significant amount of Russian arms and military technology", Rosoboronexport spokesman Davydenko added.

When asked by Rep. Salud Carbajal whether the White House intends to use the USA military to resolve the situation in Venezuela, Shanahan told the California Democrat, "That's not my understanding".

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