Pentagon says India debris expected to burn up in atmosphere

Pentagon says India debris expected to burn up in atmosphere

Pentagon says India debris expected to burn up in atmosphere

His remark comes days after NASA raised concerns about the spread of debris from the Anti-Satellite Test (A-SAT) test India conducted on March 27. "It was intentionally done at 280 km altitude so that debris decay fast", Dr. Reddy said, adding that the interception was created to hit at an angle so that minimal debris go up and also have minimal velocity. "An orbit of around 300 km was chosen for the test for capability demonstration, and the objective was to avoid threat of debris to any global space assets", Reddy said.

Jim Bridenstine had said that the ASAT test by India had created 69 pieces of orbital debris posing risk to the International Space Station. Tapan Misra, senior advisor to ISRO chairman, had said on Tuesday that Indian scientists will not do anything to shame India and that the debris from "Mission Shakti" will burn out in the next six months.

On March 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a televised address to the nation, announced that India has entered the elite club of nations to possess the capability to hit a target in space.

Elaborating further about the A-Sat test conducted on March 27, he said, "The interceptor that has been used for this goal is a three stage vehicle with two stages of solid propellant and then a kill vehicle".

Amid political debate on when the project was initiated, Reddy said the first discussion on the A-SAT test started in 2014 and the formal detailed presentation was made in 2016.

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He also responded to a question on Congress leader P Chidambaram's criticism of the government on the test, who had said that "only a foolish government" would reveal a defence secret.

Since India conducted the test in Low Earth orbit, it avoided a similar scenario, Shanahan added. The satellite is tracked by many stations across the world and all the necessary permissions were taken to carry out the test, he added.

All critical technologies for the ASAT test were developed indigenously.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy National Security Adviser Pankaj Saran said that India was actively engaged in all relevant worldwide negotiations about the outer space. China performed a similar test in 2007, and that test is said to have created almost a third of all debris that NASA is tracking. About 2,000 components were sourced from 50 private industries. On Thursday, Bridenstine had reportedly promised to continue its cooperation with the Indian Space Research Organisation.

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