Huawei will build parts of the UK's 5G network

Huawei will build parts of the UK's 5G network

Huawei will build parts of the UK's 5G network

They discussed classified information surrounding the decision on whether to give the go-ahead for the Chinese tech giant to help Britain's new 5G network.

The Telegraph reported that the country's highest security decision-making body, the National Security Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, has agreed to open the "non-core" parts of 5G to Huawei's equipment, for example antennae.

"In spite of cabinet leaks to the contrary, final decision yet to be made on managing threats to telecoms infrastructure", she tweeted.

Several cabinet ministers have denied they were involved in the leak.

Now, it's taken its characteristic choice of the safe middle ground, whereby the company can be included - because it's one of the biggest and cheapest suppliers and avoiding its products would set us back significantly - but in a controlled way, just in case it turns out all the rumours about spying were true.

The US has been warning its allies that it fears Huawei might be used by the Chinese government for espionage.

The home, defence and foreign secretaries were reported to have raised concerns during the discussions.

When questioned, Prime Minister Theresa May replied: "We don't comment on leaks and on those matters".

"We're at a fork in the road".

"We are not going in the have Huawei in our most sensitive networks", Joyce told a conference in Scotland.

5G refers to the fifth, most advanced generation of wireless telecommunications systems; its peak speed is supposed to be 100 times faster than 4G.

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"This is exactly the type of solution we have been looking at for New Zealand", Bowater said in an emailed statement.

Ciaran Martin, the head of Britain's National Cyber Security Centre, said that any disagreements over Huawei would not threaten intelligence-sharing between the five allies.

Last month a government-led committee set up to vet Huawei's products said it had found "significant technological issues" with its engineering processes leading to new risks to the United Kingdom network.

Britain will allow Huawei infrastructure kit on 5G mobile networks, according to reports, but not into the core of those networks, which is where United Kingdom spies fear Chinese backdoors exists.

Huawei insists it does not undertake espionage for the Chinese government and a special United Kingdom office established to identify any risks specific to Huawei equipment reported earlier this month that it had found no evidence of "backdoors" that could allow such exploitation to occur.

Last year, the United States, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand all banned Huawei from participating in government contracts, citing security reasons, while several other countries said they were also anxious about Huawei's activities.

Asked about the potential of a conflict in the position of Five Eyes members, he added: "In the past decade there have been different approaches across the Five Eyes and across the allied wider Western alliance towards Huawei and towards other issues as well".

It has led to concerns among MPs as Chinese companies are legally obliged to cooperate with the state's intelligence agencies.

A government spokesperson noted via email that the council's decisions are "confidential" and that the security of the country's telecoms network is "of paramount importance".

"Decisions will get less and less properly-based if we can't trust people to keep private what should be kept private", he said. "This is a thorough review into a complex area and will report with its conclusions in due course", reported Reuters.

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