White House Lawyer: Mueller report written like law school paper, very political

White House Lawyer: Mueller report written like law school paper, very political

White House Lawyer: Mueller report written like law school paper, very political

When Barr was asked weeks later at an unrelated congressional hearing about reports of discontent within the special counsel's team, he said he didn't know what those reports referred to.

The new offer from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler comes after the Justice Department missed the committee's earlier deadline for the information.

But now Barr has emerged as arguably the most divisive figure in Donald Trump's administration.

Nadler's contempt threat against Barr came one day after Barr skipped a Judiciary panel hearing on Mueller's report amid a dispute over how Barr would be questioned.

Barr released Mueller's report on April 18, with some parts blacked out to protect sensitive information. See 28 C.F.R. § 609 (c) ("the Attorney General may determine that public release" of congressional notifications "would be in the public interest"). "Well, similarly on Tuesday, right before Barr's testimony, the Mueller letter was leaked to, of course, The Washington Post", Ingraham noted. The Judiciary Committee had subpoenaed Barr for the unredacted report and its underlying evidence, but the attorney general's office failed to meet the May 1 deadline to turn over those materials.

Barr, who previously volunteered to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, was concerned about the "format" of the hearing, which would have allowed Republican and Democrat staff attorneys to ask questions.

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"That makes Bill Barr the second most risky man in the country".

Barr released a redacted version of Mueller's 448-page report last month. Nadler says that in the past, courts have agreed to provide 6 (e) documents in the past. "If he and his committee aren't capable of ... asking questions themselves and need to staff it out, then it seems like a pretty pathetic moment for the chairman of that committee", the Trump chief spokeswoman said during another brief North Lawn driveway appearance on Thursday.

Barr might have seemed an unlikely lightning rod given his long government career, his distance from Trump's inner circle and his age, 68, that he said made him unconcerned with political advancement.

The report detailed extensive contacts between Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and Moscow and the campaign's expectation that it would benefit from Russia's actions, which included hacking and propaganda to boost Trump and harm Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

It's possible that Barr could block Mueller from appearing, since the special counsel is still a Justice Department employee.

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